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Media Focus
Rizhao Steel: mutual funds build new barrier agai..
Rizhao Steel plays a functional role of the trade union organizations, advocated the establishment of the Workers Relief Fund in 2008, for three years, has assistance payments for 716,000 yuan to he..  [Detailed]

 Rizhao Steel Entered the Name List of “Top 10 China’s Steel Export Enterprises in 2014”
 Staff from Rizhao Steel participated in the event of Ten Thous People Walk in Rizhao
 Shangdong 36 enterprises in the top 500 private enterprises,Rizhao Steel ranked 8
 First Financial Daily: Rizhao Steel with Australia Gibson company reached a settlement
 Peoples Daily Online:Rizhao Steel full of love in return to society
 China Environment News: the most important sintering desulfurization BOO model of Rizha..
 A number of steel giants gathered in Shong Rizhao jointly discussed industrial developm..
 Rizhao Steel reached a settlement with Australia Gibson
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